About Me

Hi, my name is Alex "W4RH4WK" Hirsch and I am an assistant professor at the University of Innsbruck. I am part of the Distributed and Parallel Systems Group of the Department of Computer Science. Before joining university I graduated at HTL Anichstraße (Applied Computer Science and Electronics) – so I know my way around computer related stuff as well as electronic circuitry.

Contact: w4rh4wk [AT] bluephoenix [DoT] at

Running on Raygun

With the introduction of Nvidia RTX hardware, ray tracing is now viable as a general real time rendering technique for complex 3D scenes. Leveraging this new technology, we present Raygun, an open source rendering, simulation, and game engine focusing on simplicity, expandability, and the topic of ray tracing realized through Nvidia's Vulkan ray tracing extension.

Cluster Coffer Manual

Portable system illustrating HPC architecture for PR purposes

M.Sc. Thesis

Insieme's Haskell-based Analysis Toolkit

Exploitation Techniques and Mitigations

When a buffer overwrites a pointer... The story of a restless mind.

[PDF] [Github]
Kerckhoffs' Forgotten Principles

A short writeup about Kerckhoffs' lesser known principles

B.Sc. Thesis

Improved On-Board Communication for Low-Cost Mobile Robots

Small Containers [Gist]
Bit Case [Gist]
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