About Me

Hi, my name is Alex "W4RH4WK" Hirsch and I am an assistant professor at the University of Innsbruck. I am part of the Distributed and Parallel Systems Group of the Department of Computer Science and tasked with the research and development process of the Insieme project. Before joining University I graduated at HTL Anichstraße (Applied Computer Science and Electronics) – so I know my way around computer related stuff as well as electronic circuitry.

Contact: w4rh4wk [AT] bluephoenix [DoT] at

M.Sc. Thesis

Insieme's Haskell-based Analysis Toolkit

Exploitation Techniques and Mitigations

When a buffer overwrites a pointer... The story of a restless mind.

[PDF] [Github]
Kerckhoffs' Forgotten Principles

A short writeup about Kerckhoffs' lesser known principles

Windows 7 Clean Installation

A Manual guiding you to a clean Windows 7 Installation

B.Sc. Thesis

Improved On-Board Communication for Low-Cost Mobile Robots

Small Containers [Gist]
Bit Case [Gist]
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